How It All Started ...

My breath photography began in earnest one night back on Nov 19, 2010 when I was photographing the night sky. I heard a very clear inner voice say: "Photograph your breath."…. I recognized the voice as my Guidance or Higher-Self speaking to me, so I began photographing my breath.


That night, I noticed on my camera's monitor that the infrared light from the flash seemed to be picking up images of what I believe to be Spirit Beings that are invisible to the naked eye. I became fascinated with this new method of photography that allowed me to connect with Spirit. I've developed a technique over the years which I believe helps me capture clearer images. During that time, I also designed a system to document anything I feel may be relevant or a contributing factor in helping me understand these phenomena better.


The texture of my breath shows up quite often looking like a silky fabric with hints of color ~ blue, orange and pink tinges etc. mixed in with white. Some nights the color range is quite amazing. I’m picking up black, brown and darker colors as well. I do know that there is a broad range of information coming through. There have been so many themes presented over the past few years within my breath photos  ~ human, animal, otherworldly beings like ETI and Angelic Beings and some strange looking critters as well. I get beautiful art, some with cartoon-like characters showing humour. Sometimes there are scenes of events being played out.  And yes…. there are many personal messages there from my Guidance too, which have help me tremendously on my journey.

Also I believe these spirit manifestations change shape very quickly because they are vibrating at a much higher frequency rate than we are in lower density and maybe this is why they are difficult to see with the naked eye.


Over the past 2 years or so since photographing my breath, perfect or near-perfect representations of the spirit forms are very rare. Most involved varying degrees of imperfection, many of the images show only a small portion of the being that is trying to materialize. It is usually the face and then quite often the eyes, mouth and nose may not be in perfect alignment.


 I have used 5 different cameras and have taken many photos, some nights up to four hundred.  I now have thousands of photographs with images showing up, some clearer than others..

I believe my line of work over the past 25 years in drafting and GIS have helped me to develop my visual senses as well. I have noticed that many who have viewed my Breath photos on Facebook who have stronger visual senses are pretty much picking up and describing the same images. Others find it harder to see.
I have no fear experiencing or witnessing phenomena which breaks the laws of our physical world. I have come to learn FEAR is what holds us back from accomplishing great things in our lives. I think it’s up to each one of us though to be mindful when trying to make contact with the paranormal and use common sense. Each night before I go on a shoot I say a prayer and set the intention to bring through information for the highest good of all.


BREATH... one of the simplest things in life for most of us … we take it for granted, yet it’s such a sacred and powerful gift from our Creator.


(c) Christopher J Abbott 2013

(c) Christopher J Abbott 2013

(c) Christopher J Abbott 2013