I’ve been agnostic most of my adult life and one of the biggest skeptics regarding psychic phenomena, survival after death and the spirit world. I looked to Science for answers.
Back in 2006 I went through a deep depression and was so down I wondered what life was all for.  All I could think about was dying ... being out of my misery. During this time, I was watching a TV program one evening “The Nature of Things” with David Suzuki who I have always respected and admired . He told a personal story about a psychic phenomenon event that happened within his family. ~ One day in the early hours of the morning his wife awoke abruptly, sitting up in bed, crying and shouting out uncontrollably that her mother had just died. They lived in Vancouver Canada, her mother in Japan. He tried to calm her down and told her it was probably only a bad dream but first thing in the morning they would call Japan to make sure everything was ok. That morning before arising and having a chance to call Japan, the phone rang and it was a message from a relative stating that indeed David’s mother-in-law had passed away a few hours earlier.

During this show, Suzuki continued to express some of his beliefs regarding psychic phenomena which took me for a loop. I was shocked with the things I was hearing this renowned scientist say. My first reaction was, how can such an intelligent man believe in such crap?

For the next few days I couldn’t get this story out of my head. A few evenings later I was switching through the TV channels not finding anything interesting to watch, then I stumbled upon this one show called 'Psychic Investigators' and decided to watch and see what TRASH they were talking about. I actually was amazed that there was so much evidence supporting some of the events presented. And it made me ask myself... how can this be real? I have always thought I was opened minded but after observing my attitude I found this wasn’t the case at all. I hadn’t been willing to listen or have anything to do with psychic phenomena or spirituality at all. I started to see how closed minded I really was and this sparked a change within me. I had to review this new arising subject more openly and for the next few months this nightly show became an obsession and this led to other things…


It was late spring and I was spending a lot of time in my garden. I found my thought would be focused on the meaning of life and if there really was a creator. My sudden interest into psychic phenomenon and spirituality took a quantum leap...  thus began my new search for the meaning of life…. and with that finding my true passions and purpose in life.  


For me, the influence which one specific person, a Scientist had upon me was life changing. … When he opened up about his beliefs in favour of psychic phenomena, it challenged me to review my own belief systems... which I did…  and this for me was the beginning of an awakening.

What I later realized was that life wanted me to drop everything and drop all my limiting beliefs so that I may learn new, more expanded ones.

So many people in the world today look to science for the answers, especially within our western world. It is a very powerful controlling factor, influencing on our belief systems and the way we think.
If we can get through to the Scientific Community with our new experiments… new evidence of the spirit world and survival after death, our new ways of communicating with spirit, then maybe great changes can occur… New paradigm changes which will raise our consciousness as a species and help our evolution take a giant leap.


Christopher J Abbott